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ExamAce™ is currently being renovated
It will have a whole new look and navigation to more closely match the new NCMHCE test.

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Online Practice Latent Image Simulations for the NCMHCE
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  • Accurately reproduces NCMHCE “look and feel”
  • Realistic simulation IG & DM questions

ExamAce™ is currently being renovated
It will have a whole new look and navigation to more closely match the new NCMHCE test.

The Exam

The National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) is made up of a series of Case Simulations.

Each simulation is designed to
  • Cover NCMHCE competency areas (content based)
  • Assess the clinician’s problem solving abilities in terms of:
    • Analyzing
    • Diagnosing
    • Treating clinical problems
    • Professional Practice/Ethics/Consultation and Supervision
Each NCMHCE Exam is made up of 10 simulations which are divided into 5-8 sections. Each section is categorized as either an Information Gathering activity (IG) or a Decision Making activity (DM). You must have a passing score in each category to pass the exam.

Information Gathering activity (IG)
During the information gathering process you gather information to answer the questions that have been posed in that section. When you believe you have enough information, for example for a provisional diagnosis, you stop selecting responses in that section.

Decision Making activity (DM)
In the decision making section you are asked to make clinical judgments or decisions about treatment planning, testing, diagnosing or other areas the clinician faces in any case.

Every choice you make has a value, you lose points for selecting responses that are deemed not appropriate, or relevant to the question that has been posed. For example, a correct response might give you 2 points, while an incorrect choice would subtract 2 points from your overall score.

It is very important that you do not guess or uncover responses you do not think answer the question you have been asked, you could lose points and fail the exam. This is why preparing with PTI’s ExamAce™ helps you make the right choices.

We look forward to helping you pass the NCMHCE!

ExamAce™ Gold

  • IG & DM - Your scores for Information Gathering and Decision Making and if you have a passing score or not. See "The Exam" below for details.

  • Master Content Area Scores - Your scores in the three Master Content Areas which are reported by NCC when you get your test results. The Master Content Areas are:
    • Clinical Evaluation and Assessment,
    • Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning,
    • Clinical Practice
  • Content Area Scores - A score of your performance in each of the study areas you need to master to pass your exam. They include:
    • Assessment
    • Career Development
    • Counseling Theories
    • Diagnosis
    • Fundamentals of Psychotherapy
    • Professional Practice, Consultation, and Supervision
    • Psychopharmacology
    • Special Treatment Issues such as Suicide and Gender Issues
    • Substance Use Issues
    • Treatment Planning

  • Personalized Study Plan - Based on your scores you then are given a Personal Study Plan that is based on your scores on each of the content areas and a priority ranking based on the importance of topics in the NCMHCE.
All of this is available for a one time cost of $95.00.