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Ace your NCMHCE License Exam! with PTI’s ExamGuide, ExamAce™, and ExamPrep.

ExamAce™ is currently being renovated
It will have a whole new look and navigation to more closely match the new NCMHCE test.


ExamMaster© is your NCMHCE personal trainer!

Do any of these describe you? (Check all that apply.)
  • You know you need to study but you don't make the time
  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of materials to study
  • You feel anxious and are having trouble focusing
Your ExamMaster© can help you: Identify:
  • Study areas that need strengthening
  • Strategies for working with key information
  • Specific strategies and techniques for approaching the clinical case simulations
Focus and stay on track:
  • Develop and maintain an effective study schedule
  • Understand and use your own learning style
  • Build Confidence

Additional Personal Support Options

When you need personal attention and individual support,
  • Call us at: 1-888-201-1619
for a Complimentary Phone or On-line Informational Interview